NPO Quatre Leaf Honour Member
St. Luke’s International Hospital
Shigeaki Hinohara

When I was working as a trainee doctor, I started to think that I wanted to help patients to have fun in hospital. That’s when I started a musical performance troupe with friends from University and volunteers from the hospital in 2000, which was the origin of Quatre Leaf.
Shortly after I met Dr Shigeaki Hinohara and with his help, the troupe became an incorporated non-profit organisation (NPO) in 2009.

Our performances are typically original musicals, including “The Four Seasons Freddie the Leaf” whose script was written by Dr Hionohara and based on the book “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”’ by Leo Buscaglia.  Since 2009, we have performed in about 20 places such as hospitals or elderly homes.

Quatre Leaf owes its success to its approximately [60] members and 180 supporters.  We enjoy performing and try our best to sing, dance and act, for one purpose:  to win the smiles of the patients and their families.  We hope to see more smiles from our passions.

One patient, like so many others who have seen the Quatre Leaf’s shows, said “thanks to the passionate performance of all the cast – it lifted my spirits and it was not so bad to be in hospital.”  This comment came from a patient who attended a musical performed on campus while I was a student at Tokyo Women’s Medical University.  I never expected to hear such a comment, as it was just a performance by students who like to perform.  The joy of providing someone with a positive experience by doing something I liked to do provided me with a passion for Quatre Leaf.

Inspired by the passion and determination of the two founders and their supporters, I have decided to support and set up this NPO in order to support Quatre Leaf fulfil its mission to encourage the recovery of hospital patients by making their stay in the hospital a little more fun.

June 2013
NPO Quatre Leaf

Quatre Leaf was established in 2001 to perform live musical mainly at hospitals, schools for special needs and elderly people’s homes, and was incorporated as an NPO in 2009.

We produce one of our own original musical productions each year. The script, music, costumes – everything – all are made by members of the troupe.

We perform for about 20 hospitals, schools and elderly care homes per year.  Since 2001, we have performed approximately 250 times and for 20,000 people.

Our [over 50] members are typically doctors, nurses, businessmen/women, and students whose hard work and weekend practice are focused on bringing inspiration to those who need it most.

The performance features:

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Individuals who would like provide financial support for Quatre Leaf

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